Thematic domain

Thematic domain

The general framework of the experiments conducted on the Herbipôle is the farming systems of ruminants in mountain grassland areas in relation to the quality of their products, their impact on the environment and animal well-fare.

Capacity of experiments are multiple and meet the needs of the following scientific topics including:

  • Feed values and ruminant nutrition,
  • Greenhouse gas emission by ruminants,
  • Feeding behaviour, social interaction and well-fare of ruminants,
  • Adaptation of ruminants to their environment (productivity, robustness, efficiency, genetic interactions)
  • Intermediary metabolism of mammary gland and muscle,
  • Interaction between farming practices and products quality,
  • Interaction between farming practices and environment: greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity of grassland ecosystems (flora, fauna),
  • Low input farming systems, including under organic farming specifications, of ruminants in grassland mountain areas.
  • Integrated health management
  • Precision livestock farming

The works are conducted at scales ranging from the organ to the farming system, including the whole animal and the herd. The numerous phenotyping tools available are an important feature of our facility.

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