Training periods and apprenticeship

Training periods and apprenticeship

Welcoming of trainees

Each year, the UE Herbipôle welcomes numerous trainees, from middle school internship to engineering students. These trainees are supervised by the technicians or engineers of the unit. Most of the time, the trainees first work on field with the teams, and then process the measurements and observations. This allow the trainees to follow an experiment from its design to the valorisation of the results.

PhD students, supervised by researchers from the research teams, regularly intervene to set up experiments as part of their thesis on our facilities.

Supervision of apprentices

The Herbipôle has the capacity to welcome apprentices, within the limits of the quotas fixed at INRAE level. A staff member of the unit is trained as an learning master. He elaborates with the teaching director the content of the working period, he manages the apprentice along his course on the technical part and the writing of reports.

Interventions within the framework of curricula

From time to time, staff members of Herbipôle (technicians, assistant-engineers and engineers) teach classes or conduct practical work, within education cursus. Some participate to examination boards for end-of-studies internships (BTS, DUT, engineer schools).

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