Quality Assurance Process

Quality Assurance Process

The Herbipôle is committed to a Quality Assurance process in research. Since INRAE adopted a new Quality Repository (Repository V2), Herbipôle adapted its quality policy to enable it to meet the requirements of this standard.

In addition to provisions to ensure the reliability of measurable results and the traceability of research work, this new quality standard commits us to implement actions, in particular on:

  • Conducting research (process, planning and organization, sample control, data control)
  • Management of resources, whether human (skills, training, recruitment and reception) or material (criticality, reception and commissioning, verification, reliability, compliance).

Prevention, biosecurity of sites and products, and also control of environmental impacts (environmental management system) are included in the quality approach of the experimental unit.

To carry out these actions, a Quality Assurance (QA) group has been set up, which mission is to propose an approach of work and priorities adapted to the experimental and research units. The QA group of the Herbipôle is committed in carrying actions in relation with the partner research units (UMRH, UREP, UMR Epi-A, UMR MEDIS, UNH, URF especially) and maintain a link between its actions and those engaged by the INRAE Clermont-Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes centre and the INRAE PHASE division.

Processus AQ

Modification date: 24 May 2023 | Publication date: 09 March 2017 | By: Herbipôle