Environmental Management System

Environmental Management System

INRA has engaged since 2013 its experimental units in a collective approach of integrating the environmental issues into their activities. Based on volunteering, the Herbipôle is committed in an Environmental Management System. The site of Marcenat has been certified with ISO 14001 in 2015, and the site of Laqueuille in 2019.

Setting up an environmental management system based on ISO 14001 standard allows to:

  • know better the environmental impacts created by the activities of the experimental unit
  • assure the respect of regulation and anticipate its evolutions
  • improve the practices in a logic of continuous progress of reducing the environmental impacts

The environmental management system is directly included in a logic of sustainable development applied to the activities of the experimental unit.

The ISO 14001 standard certification of an Environmental Management System is gained after an audit performed by a certified and independent organisation. The system is verified every year to check its compliance with the standard, and the certification is renewed every 3 years by an independent organisation.

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